2004 Fire Arts Festival

Wally Glenn has been invited to present a fire art piece at the 2004 International Fire Art Festival in Oakland.

The Fire Arts Festival was a curated five day festival that showcased the work of over 40 innovative and accomplished artists and performers working in the mediums of fire and light. It gave the general public a sense of the range of such art typical at Burning Man and was an important step in allowing these artists to practice their art in public places with city support and the respect they so deserve. The Festival was produced in collaboration with The Crucible arts facility and with the full cooperation and support from the City of Oakland, the Oakland Police and Fire Departments and the Oakland Museum of California. It was a wonderful way to support the art, a fantastic art facility, and to encourage greater cooperation between fire artists and city officials.
Wally Glenn will be displaying the Flaming Zen Garden. He previously displayed the artwork in San Francisco at the Burning Man street faire in 2002.
The 2004 Fire Arts Festival is being hosted in Oakland, CA at The Crucible. The dates are July 7-11, 2004. This will be the largest gathering of fire artists outside of Burning Man.
For more information, check out: www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/fire_arts.html

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