2005 Fire Arts Festival

Wally Glenn was invited back to Oakland to display two fire art sculptures, the Flaming Zen Garden and the Propane Fountain.

The Flaming Zen Garden amazed people last year since it was the only fire art sculpture people could really interact with. The design the participant creates in the sand is the art that is displayed. This year the piece returns with a new vessel and more drawing tools.

The Propane Fountain finally makes an appearance in the Bay Area. It got it’s start as a fire art sculpture many years earlier. Ironically, the same time another piece by Bay Area artist Kiki Petit started working with fire and water as well. While Kiki’s piece is serene and peaceful, the Propane Fountain is chaotic and constantly changing. This will be the first time both pieces will be displayed in the same festival.
The 2005 Fire Arts Festival is being hosted in Oakland, CA at The Crucible. The dates are July 12-17, 2005. This is the largest gathering of fire artists outside of Burning Man and quite an enjoyable event. For more information, check out www.thecrucible.org.

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