PBS Nova: Fireworks

Nova, possibly the greatest show on PBS came to Seattle, home of Wally Glenn to do an episode on Pyro Boy.

This explosive NOVA presents the colorful history of pyrotechnics and reveals the chemical secrets that put the bang in the rocket and the fizz in the Roman candle. The show introduces a gallery of firework creators and pyromaniacs, and reveals how hi-tech firing systems are transforming public displays into a dazzling, split-second science.

nova: pyrovixens: kalakala

Space Requirements

Minimum distances for safety: audience, crew and flammable equipment must a minimum of 50 feet from Performer during a performance. If any crew or equipment is closer than this, it is at the risk of that crew member or the production, and Performer shall not be held liable for possible damages.
There must be no flammable materials overhead during the performance. The Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction has the final say on any location and performance.

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