Wally Glenn auditions as Pyro Boy for America’s Got Talent 2015

By Sean L. McCarthy

Strapping fireworks to your body and jumping up, down and around while they shoot into the air might not be considered high comedy, but if you’ve ever performed in the San Francisco or Seattle comedy competitions, then you probably have met or encountered Wally Glenn. Glenn has been the longtime web guru behind both operations and for a time also crunched the numbers for comedians’ scores.

He also performs at Burning Man and elsewhere as Pyro Boy. It’s in this capacity that Glenn showed up on this week’s “Extreme” edition of auditions for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Judge Howard Stern compared him to a superhero. A superhero in a bizarro universe, but still.

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Pyro Boy on America’s Got Talent Extreme

It’s finally happening, the episode of America’s Got Talent Extreme featuring Pyro Boy will air June 16, 2015 on NBC.

This will be one of the most exciting appearances of Pyro Boy that has ever happened. This is a not-to-miss event. There was so many amazing things that happened, we can’t tell you because we know they can’t use it all in only one hour, so we have no idea what is going to happen. We simply advise you to tune into America’s Got Talent Extreme.

That’s not all.

Not only will you see an amazing performance by Pyro Boy, there’s Dr Danger crashing a school bus into a tower of school buses with passengers!

Dr Danger: americas got talent extreme: School bus

Pyro Boy feels you should tune in and watch this because it’s inspired people doing crazy stunts and you should not miss such a spectacle. We’re having fun, see it for yourself!

There are two viewing parties happening as well. One in Seattle, one in Oakland:

Star Brass Lounge
5813A Airport Way S,
Seattle, Washington 98108

Merchants Saloon
401 2nd Street
Oakland, CA 94607

pyro boy: americas got talent extreme: fireball

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