pyro boy: raygun gothic rocket

About Pyro Boy

Pyro Boy is the human firework. It’s the inspiration of a man who wanted to see what it was like to become a firework.

raygun gothic rocketPyro Boy and his alter ego Wally Glenn has been attending Burning Man helping to facilitate burns and effigies including the Burning of the Man, Alien Siege Machine, Raygun Gothic Rocket, Crude Awakening, Trojan Horse, Anubis, Temple of Wholyness, Burn Wall Street, Megatropolis, projects with SEEMEN, Flaming Lotus Girls and a whole lot of other crazy stuff.

He continues to work with Black Rock Fx to do some of the craziest, best-known pyrotechnic displays at Burning Man.

Other Crazy Stunts

Tin Foil Hat with Cat

wally glenn: canaille: tin foil hatThe same guy who straps fireworks to his body has other notorious claims to fame. One day he had to post a self-image that was mildly entertaining. So He thought it would be great to have matching hats with a cat. So Wally created a tin-foil hat for himself and Canaille, the cat. The results were hilarious and started a hat on a cat meme.

Wally is proud of the fact he has become the default photo to represent conspiracy theorists and crazy people on the Internet.

Viking Funeral

viking funeralPyro Boy once helped stage an actual Viking Funeral.

We all miss you Aaron.

Donut Boy

wally glenn: donut boyThen there was the time that naked bicyclists were threatening to shut down the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle. The Police Department demanded that the Fremont Arts Council press charges against the bicyclists for trespassing because they had become a safety hazard. Technically these people were not criminals, they were performance artists. So Wally and other members of the Fremont Arts Council dressed as naked bicyclists to mock the naked bicyclists. Only Wally mocked them by covering his body with donuts and saran wrap.

He covered his body with donuts and saran wrap and rode through the parade. It was considered one of the most disgusting things ever seen in the Fremont Solstice Parade and a definite highlight. His favorite moment was riding between the legs of of Parade Master Peter Toms.

pyro boy: lawnmower

Lawnmower Man

Wally Glenn likes to take a lawnmower, run it over flammable substances like gasoline, fireworks and what else is available and enjoy the results. The problem is that the gasoline tank on the lawnmower tends to catch fire. This is the problems faced by daredevils.

Wally actually took this lawnmower back to the hardware store for a refund. The flaming trick tends to burn up the engine and the paint job rendering the lawnmower useless. So he returned it because the user manual didn’t say not to do that. So if you read a warning on a user manual for a lawnmower that says “don’t run this through a fire” and wondered what kind of idiot runs a lawnmower through a fire? Well, now you know.