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Booking Information

Pyro Boy is available as part of a show, a spectacular, heck even childrens parties. Due to the nature of the show, there are a few requirements in order to stage a safe show. Pyro Boy and the Vixens is also available for interviews. Pyro Boy is always willing to discuss issues such as fire performance, fire safety and the legalities of fireworks.

Because pyrotechnics are involved, issues such as fire safety, permits and insurance are also going to be involved. The show has been performed successfully and legally across North America, but in general it requires a few minor things.

Space Requirements
Minimum distances for safety: audience, crew and flammable equipment must a minimum of 50 feet from Performer during a performance. If any crew or equipment is closer than this, it is at the risk of that crew member or the production, and Performer shall not be held liable for possible damages. There must be no flammable materials overhead during the performance. The Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction has the final say on any location and performance. more...