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Pyro Boy on America’s Got Talent Extreme

It’s finally happening, the episode of America’s Got Talent Extreme featuring Pyro Boy will air June 16, 2015 on NBC.

This will be one of the most exciting appearances of Pyro Boy that has ever happened. This is a not-to-miss event. There was so many amazing things that happened, we can’t tell you because we know they can’t use it all in only one hour, so we have no idea what is going to happen. We simply advise you to tune into America’s Got Talent Extreme.

That’s not all.

Not only will you see an amazing performance by Pyro Boy, there’s Dr Danger crashing a school bus into a tower of school buses with passengers!

Dr Danger: americas got talent extreme: School bus

Pyro Boy feels you should tune in and watch this because it’s inspired people doing crazy stunts and you should not miss such a spectacle. We’re having fun, see it for yourself!

There are two viewing parties happening as well. One in Seattle, one in Oakland:

Star Brass Lounge
5813A Airport Way S,
Seattle, Washington 98108

Merchants Saloon
401 2nd Street
Oakland, CA 94607

pyro boy: americas got talent extreme: fireball

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Pyro Boy on America’s Got Talent

Wally Glenn will be appear on NBC’s America’s Got Talent as Pyro Boy on the Extreme Episode slated to air sometime in June, 2015.

This is one of the wildest versions of Pyro Boy ever seen. There is drama, wardrobe malfunctions and some things I never would have guessed would happen in my life.

You do not want to miss the full show.

Here’s a preview:

Gasoline Mortar Firewall at Winterblast 2015

For Winterblast 2015, I worked with Eric Rebollo to set up a firewall made with gasoline mortars for the Winterblast Member Showcase. The Member Showcase is a nightly show at Winterblast where members of the WPA show off pyrotechnic devices from wheels, firewalls to rockets and mortar shells up to 16″. Sometimes the WPA has 24″ shells, but I digress.

A firewall is a a series of mortar tubes filled with gasoline or another flammable material that when fired simultaneously creates the look of a wall of flame.

wpa winterblast firewall mortar

The heat from the the fireball can be enough to ignite items nearby. The audience could feel the heat from the explosion from several hundred feet away.

The delay in firing is what happens sometimes with a battery, a long run of wire.

Winterblast is an annual event held by the Western Pyrotechnic Association in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It’s open to professional and amateur pyrotechnicians.

For more information, visit:

wpa winter blast firewall day

2500 Rocket Barrage at Winterblast 2014

Every year, I attend a week of fireworks, symposiums shell making at the WPA’s Winterblast. This year was the 25th Anniversary of the event and I wanted to do something a little over the top to add to our convention. I decided to launch a 2500+ rocket barrage for the 25th Anniversary of the Western Pyrotechnic Association.

In order to launch a rocket barrage, we needed to build racks to place the rockets in a position where it went the direction we wanted to avoid the crowd watching the event. This was not supposed to be an interactive show.

2500 rocket barrage rackWe used hardware cloth to give us the ability to aim the rockets.

We laid down quickmatch to help speed along ignition and ensure the rocket barrage got enough flame to ignite the fuses.

With an effect like this, it’s really hard to get all of the rockets to launch at once. Some of them jam, some of them fall apart, some of them explode on the launch pad. All in all, we only had 30 rockets that did not light, which is absolutely amazing.

Without a crew to help, this rocket barrage never would have happened. Special thank you to Dave Best, Dan Ramsauer, Marty Walker, KathyKat, DaveX, Markus von Graf, Fred von Graf, Allison Cohen and those who cannot be named.

Winterblast is five days of hands-on workshops, lectures and members taking on wild projects like the rocket barrage. For more information about Winterblast and the Western Pyrotechnic Association, visit

Another Perspective of the Rocket Barrage

This video was shot from the grandstands at the SARA Park Raceway. I’d really like to do this again!

London Grammar video features Pyro Boy

London Grammar released their album “If You Wait” and their debut song “Strong” features Pyro Boy!

As of June, 2015, the video has been viewed over 20 million times.

The video was directed by Sam Brown. His recent work includes videos with Jay Z, Adele, James Blunt and the Foo Fighters. The video was shot in high definition and high speed giving a unique view of fireworks in slow motion. The location was the LA River, just under the 4th Street bridge. We shot the video in July, but did not disclose any information until the video was officially released.

The song, Strong is off the London Grammar debut album, If You Wait.

I am absolutely thrilled to be associated with such an outstanding project.

London Grammar - If you Wait

Pyro Boy: Promethean Fountain

The Promethean Fountain is a flaming waterfall created by Wally Glenn (Pyro Boy) and funded by Burning Man. The Promethean Fountain allows people to safely hold and interact with fire.

Named after Prometheus, a Greek Titan who was a champion of man. He stole fire from the Greek god Zeus and gave it to mankind. He was punished severely for this act. Prometheus was tied to a rock while and eagle at his liver.

The Promethean Fountain first premiered at Burning Man 2010 and was located at First Camp. It was also featured at Wally Glenn’s 2010 winter Solstice Party.