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Pyro Boy on Death Wish Live

pyro boy: death wish live

Death Wish Live was a ground-breaking week of live shows from Channel 4 showcasing some of the world’s leading exponents of death-defying stunts in the name of entertainment. The five nights each featured a particular artiste; Jonathan Goodwin, The Pain Men, Zamora The Torture King, Pyro Boy (Wally Glenn, Dane Johnson).

This episode features Pyro Boy, Dane Johnson and members of Cirque de Flambé.

PBS Nova: Fireworks

Nova, possibly the greatest show on PBS came to Seattle, home of Wally Glenn to do an episode on Pyro Boy.

This explosive NOVA presents the colorful history of pyrotechnics and reveals the chemical secrets that put the bang in the rocket and the fizz in the Roman candle. The show introduces a gallery of firework creators and pyromaniacs, and reveals how hi-tech firing systems are transforming public displays into a dazzling, split-second science.

nova: pyrovixens: kalakala