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London Grammar video features Pyro Boy

London Grammar released their album “If You Wait” and their debut song “Strong” features Pyro Boy!

As of June, 2015, the video has been viewed over 20 million times.

The video was directed by Sam Brown. His recent work includes videos with Jay Z, Adele, James Blunt and the Foo Fighters. The video was shot in high definition and high speed giving a unique view of fireworks in slow motion. The location was the LA River, just under the 4th Street bridge. We shot the video in July, but did not disclose any information until the video was officially released.

The song, Strong is off the London Grammar debut album, If You Wait.

I am absolutely thrilled to be associated with such an outstanding project.

London Grammar - If you Wait

Burn Wall Street – The arson squad cometh

burning man 2012 burn wall street

Oh Burn Wall Street, we had such big plans for you. Sadly things got in the way that had nothing to do with us. This was supposed to be the biggest burn, biggest fireworks show in the history of Burning Man. You’d have to go back to Crude Awakening to find something bigger — and Black Rock FX burned that one too!

So sadly we’re stuck with the biggest structure burn and the featured part of the upcoming documentary, Spark: A Burning Man Story.

Still, we had fun, but it’s sad we could not complete the project we wanted to do and that people expected.

Burn Wall Street was a mock city with five buildings named after financial institutions that mocked the financial collapse of Wall Street in New York. The tallest building was 72 feet high. You can discover the political message elsewhere. Our role was to present a very awe inspiring burn and fireworks show.

We had a lot more fun with Anubis.

Spark: The Burn Wall Street Story

My Cruise on the White Holly

I would like to profusely thank Jack Schroll, Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Captain Vince and company for allowing me to play with them on the White Holly.

On December 13, 2008, we boarded the White Holly and loaded on board Epiphany, a 25′ tall fire sculpture which belches flames out of her heart. We had a million volt tesla coil. We had a military grade smoke machine that could obscure a battleship in under a minute. We had a jet-powered flame thrower. We had a Victory Siren, the loudest air raid siren ever made. All of this was placed on a 130 foot steel hulled vessel called the White Holly and we went for a cruise. To cap it off, just off to the side was a 500 shell firework show produced by Pyro Spectaculars.

White Holly with Epiphany

Some events we simply cannot promote in advance. But any event that brings together the crews from Black Rock Effects, Headless Point, Flaming Lotus Girls, is going to be an amazing event.

Shore View of the White Holly:

To figure out what the heck I am talking about, visit: for the full details.

I really had fun and can’t wait to do something like this very soon.