Final Cirque de Flambé Show

I would like to thank Cirque de Flambé for making me a part of their final show at Burning Man, 2008.

Pyro Boy closed out the final Cirque de Flambé show, the same way he closed out the very first show at Burning Man in 1998. As an original member of the troupe, I think it’s a shame that Cirque de Flambé is hanging up their torches. There has never been a show quite like that one. As the Cirque winds down, Pyro Boy is just warming up.
At Burning Man 2008, I worked with Swarm to create the first synchronized fireworks show featuring robots. Swarm took part in a three minute fireworks show which was one of the highlights of the Flaming Lotus Girls fireworks show for Mutopia.
I look forward to doing something in the future with Swarm and other fun pyrotechnic challenges that are coming my way.