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Gasoline Mortar Firewall at Winterblast 2015

For Winterblast 2015, I worked with Eric Rebollo to set up a firewall made with gasoline mortars for the Winterblast Member Showcase. The Member Showcase is a nightly show at Winterblast where members of the WPA show off pyrotechnic devices from wheels, firewalls to rockets and mortar shells up to 16″. Sometimes the WPA has 24″ shells, but I digress.

A firewall is a a series of mortar tubes filled with gasoline or another flammable material that when fired simultaneously creates the look of a wall of flame.

wpa winterblast firewall mortar

The heat from the the fireball can be enough to ignite items nearby. The audience could feel the heat from the explosion from several hundred feet away.

The delay in firing is what happens sometimes with a battery, a long run of wire.

Winterblast is an annual event held by the Western Pyrotechnic Association in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It’s open to professional and amateur pyrotechnicians.

For more information, visit: https://westernpyro.org

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