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Some recent videos featuring Pyro Boy.

Promethean Fountain
The Promethean Fountain is a flaming waterfall created by Wally Glenn and funded by Burning Man. The Promethean Fountain allows people to safely hold and interact with fire. Named after Prometheus, a Greek Titan who was a champion of man. He stole fire from the Greek god Zeus and gave it to mankind. He was punished severely for this act. Prometheus was tied to a rock while and eagle at his liver. The Promethean Fountain first premiered at Burning Man 2010 and was located at First Camp. It was also featured at Wally Glenn's 2010 winter Solstice Party. more...

Pyro Boy at Winter Blast 19
Pyro Boy made a rare appearance at the WPA's Winter Blast 19. more...

Green Flame Fountain
Green Flame Fountain from the 2006 San Francisco Fire Exposition. more...

Propane Fountain
This footage was taken at the 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exhibition. more...

Flaming Zen Garden
This video was taken at the 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exhibition. more...

Pyro Boy from Seattle Fringe Festival

PBS Nova: Fireworks
Nova, possibly the greatest show on PBS came to Seattle, home of Wally Glenn to do an episode on Pyro Boy. more...

Discovery Channel: Fireworks: Explosive Story
An appearance on Fireworks: An Explosive Story. more...

Fireworks RoadTrip
Travel Channel's RoadTrip came up to Seattle to see Pyro Boy and Cirque de Flambe. more...

Ripley's Believe it or Not!
Pyro Boy was on an episode of Ripley's Believe it or Not! Where he attempts to walk through flaming rings of doom. more...