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Links to press stories about Pyro Boy and Wally Glenn.

Pyro Boy: Back Safe from Burning Man, Again
Joyce Thompson published a fantastic profile on Pyro Boy and launch of the Raygun Gothic Rocket called, "Pyro Boy: Back Safe from Burning Man, Again". Read all about it at

Oakland artists launch rocket at Burning Man
Black Rock City, Nev. — The rumor at this year's Burning Man Festival was spreading. Was that 40-foot-tall rocket ship hailing from a West Oakland warehouse planted in the harsh desert soil going to launch? Some said it wasn't possible, but most wanted to believe. more...

Leonardo Journal Article
I wrote an article for Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. This was for a series they did on fire art and Burning Man. more...

In Seattle, a spark of Burning Man
By Daniel Terdiman MOUNT VERNON, Wash.--From inside my tent, the sounds outside are typical of Burning Man: constant laughing, art cars driving by and the steady beat of techno music. But this is not Burning Man, the annual counterculture art bacchanalia held in Nevada's Black Rock desert. Instead, this is Critical Massive, the Seattle Burning Man community's yearly four-day festival. Gallery Photos

'Art on Fire!' promises to spark curiosity
By Robert Taylor CONTRA COSTA TIMES If Bay Area fans of Burning Man can't get to that extravaganza in the Nevada desert this summer, Burning Man is coming to them. "Art on Fire!," the first San Francisco fire arts exposition, opens Thursday night in a parking lot at Monster Park to showcase the more safe and sane aspects of the annual event.

TV hanging stunt halts death show
By Aidan Radnedge It was supposed to be a record-breaking show in which a stuntman freed himself after being 'hanged' on live TV. But Channel 4 faces investigation by media watchdogs after the daredevil failed to escape.

Man to be 'hanged' for TV stunt
BBC News Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin will also bury himself alive and a stuntman will become "a human firework" on the show.

The Daily Record by Anita Singh CHANNEL 4 have been slammed for showing a stunt featuring a man being hanged on live TV. "It is very irresponsible of E4 and of concern to us that the station would show this."

'Death Wish' for E4 viewers
Digital Spy by James Welsh E4 is lining up a week of live stunts featuring performers being bitten by animals and hanged.

Death-Wish Live Needs a Jury
Objective is looking for 12 members of the public to take part in a ground breaking new series.

Butane-Propane News Online Magazine
Fire as Art Butane-Propane News Online Magazine March, 2005 By Ann Rey Coverage of the 2004 Fire Arts Festival in Oakland, CA, where Wally Glenn displayed fire art creations.

Four-alarm works of art
Oakland Tribune, by Jenny Slafkosky DON'T WORRY, it's just a 75-foot tornado of fire. If you're driving on Interstate 880 through Oakland this weekend you might catch a glimpse of it, swirling somewhere in the vicinity of Seventh Street. But don't call the fire department. They're already on the job -- this blazing vortex is all part of the fun.

Kodak: InCamera
This is an article on the documentary, "Pyromania: Everybody Loves Fireoworks" by Phillip Smith. "Pyromania" is a visually stunning documentary that charts the development of fireworks through the ages. Action shots:

Rings of fire
Seattle Post-Intelligencer By Winda Benedetti As performance art, hobby or meditation, the flames are drawing Seattleites with a consuming passion.

Advice for beginners
Seattle Post-Intelligencer By Winda Benedetti We really shouldn't have to tell you this but, just in case, we're going to tell you anyway: Kids, for crying out loud, do not try this at home.

Send in flaming fools and the clowns
Edmonton Journal By SUSAN HAGAN A collection of articles and reviews from the Cirque de Flambe appearance at the Edmonton Fringe Festival August 17-27, 2000 in pdf format.

Jim Bates: Best Photo Collection
Seattle Times Jim Bates This photo made the cover of the Seattle Times in March, 2000. Jim Bates has been a photographer for the Seattle Times since 1990 and has won numerous awards from the National Press Photographers Association, the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

SCREEN GRAB; Many Sites To Confess One's Sins
New York Times by Pamela Licalzi O'Connell Note: This article was in regards to an on-line confessional I created for a fire art installation/performance at Burning Man in 1998. The Internet may be the world's largest confessional. Its paradoxical combination of anonymity and intimacy provides fertile ground for admissions that might never be aired in ''real'' life. Even when real names are known, the medium -- a step removed from physical contact and thus, perhaps, from perceived consequences -- somehow evokes a closed-curtain, hush-toned closeness that draws people out in occasionally astonishing ways.