Pyro Boy to Perform on Death Wish Live!

We are proud to announce that Pyro Boy will be a featured performer on the upcoming Channel 4 series, “Deathwish Live”.

Series producer Anthony Owen told industry magazine Broadcast: “I suspect there are people who will think it’s controversial, but that’s obviously what the channel is after.”
Some of the stunts being featured are: Wally Glenn / Pyro Boy, “The Human Firework” who will cover his body in pyrotechnics and light himself on fire. Jonathan Goodwin will also bury himself alive and hang himself on TV. A duo called, “The Pain Men” will be bitten by rats and submerging their heads in tanks of jellyfish. Also on the bill, Zamora the Torture King will lie on a bed of nails while a heavy vehicle drives over him.
Death-Wish Live! will be broadcast over five nights from January 30 through February 4, 2006.
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