Pyro Boy at Winterblast 2017

Pyro Boy visits Winterblast 2017

After a long period of silence, Pyro Boy stopped by Winterblast 2017 and made two appearances in Laka Havasu City, Arizona.

I have been attended Winterblast for years. I’ve done some really fun things like shoot off 2500 rockets at once, Help with a gasoline mortar firewall or show up as Pyro Boy as I have done in the past.

This time we did two shows to highlight some of the fun aspects of a very serious fireworks festival. Aaron Mayfield from AM Pyro did a fireworks show featuring shells you simply will not see by any other fireworks company. They make the shells themselves along with help from experienced amateur pyrotechnicians. This is something you simply do not see at almost any other festival.

AM Pyro Mortar Rack - Winterblast 2017

Davex showed up with a fire simulator he uses to teach fire extinguisher training.

Fire Extinguisher Training

In addition to serious and artistic fireworks, there’s another aspect to WPA Winterblast – frivolity and fun. There are several groups within the WPA that group together to create fun. Every year, the Jackalopes unite to do something rather over-the-top. This year it was girandolas and rockets.

Ken Cates with Rocket

I told Ken I was going to stand away from the rocket when it launched. He asked me if I was afraid of the rocket. I said no, I’m not afraid. I know what it’s going to do, so I’m going to stand far away!

Jackalope Mobile

Either the Jackalopes are dyslexic or I was standing in the wrong place.

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