Pyro Boy will be performing on Fox’s Millennium New Years Eve Special

How will you be ringing in the new Millennium? Friends? Party favors? Noisemakers? Well Pyro Boy will be ringing in the new year by lighting off 2,000 firecrackers — on his back!

Fox has hired Pyro Boy, the Vixens and Cirque de Flambé to show how we will be celebrating New Years Eve in Seattle. In reality, we will doing a Cirque de Flambé show for the city of Tacoma’s First night celebration.

Pyro Boy - Fox Millennium Special

For Fox’s Millennium New Years Eve Extravaganza, Wally Glenn attached 2,000 fireworks to his back for a special show. In reality, it was closer to 7,000, but really, who is counting? As far as he is concerned, the more the merrier! The Vixens will be doing a fireworks show as well and Cirque de Flambé created a flaming logo.
Record the show when you get home to watch after you party. It will be quite the night.

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