london grammar: pyro boy

Sam Brown: “It’s been a ten year dream to work with Pyro Boy”

sam brown

There’s a great interview by Sam Brown with Promo News.

Sam Brown was the director of the music video Pyro Boy did for London Grammar. Sam is widely regarded as one of the UK’s top commercials directors. He has directed videos for Jay Z, Adele, James Blunt and the Foo Fighters.

Where did the idea of the firework man come from? Did the song provide the inspiration? Presumably this amazing suit already exists?

The idea grew from a line in the song: ‘if a child cries what would you not give them?’. The video was intended as a simple allegory for parenthood. I was thinking about the way we do everything for our children, selflessly and without question, with the unspoken understanding that one day they’ll do the same for us. So in the story the man looks after the girl, and then right at the very end the girl looks after the man.

The guy in the suit is Pyro Boy, an astonishing eccentric called Wally Glenn. It’s been a ten year dream to work with him, but I’d always felt like I wanted to fit him into a story somehow and couldn’t think of the right idea. It’s well known that I’m a pyromaniac. Music videos have pretty much been a way of exploring that obsession. I’m always trying to find ways to explode things.

You can read the full interview here: