Space Requirements

Minimum distances for safety: audience, crew and flammable equipment must a minimum of 50 feet from Performer during a performance. If any crew or equipment is closer than this, it is at the risk of that crew member or the production, and Performer shall not be held liable for possible damages.
There must be no flammable materials overhead during the performance. The Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction has the final say on any location and performance.

Show Prep:
It takes approximately 5 hours of preparation time on the day of the show. However, once the prep is completed, several performances can happen in quick succession.
Site Inspection:
The site must be inspected before a performance can happen to look for any obvious safety obstacles.
Smoke, Heat & Flames:
Fireworks and flame effects by nature produce heat, flames and smoke and debris. There are risks when producing an event like this that can occur that cannot be reasonably predicted by the performers. For instance, smoke damage, heat damage caused by the effect. As an example, the stage surface could be marred my the performance. This should be considered normal wear and tear for a performance.
Performance Surface:
When you are temporarily obscured by 2000° sparks, traction becomes very important. The stage surface must be dry and not inherently slick. For instance, a wet sheet of steel can be slippery. Some materials used in creating a flaming cyclone could become slick once wetted down by fire suppression. A performance surface of wet ice is therefore not recommended.
Indoor performance:
Shows can be safely performed indoors. Ceiling height must be adequate and ceiling must be free from any hanging banners or flammable materials.
Space must have good ventilation since fireworks produce smoke. We can select pyrotechnics that would be adequate for the venue. As for any performance The Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction, has the final say.
When preparing for a show, the crew needs a safe place out of the weather with access to electricity.
We also need an area that can be secured away from the general public for storage of flammable materials to assemble the Pyro Boy suit. This should be an enclosed room with fire suppression available.

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