Take a “Fireworks Road Trip” to see Pyro Boy

The Travel Channel is going around the US to find unique fireworks events around the US and wouldn’t you know it, they found their way to Wally Glenn.

The show is called, “Fireworks Road Trip” and is hosted by Christopher Knight takes a look at Pyro Boy and Cirque de Flambé. It has old footage of classic Cirque shows such as “Circus of Fire” and interviews with Wally Glenn and Maque DaVis.

This is the second hour of Fireworks Road Trip. They stop in Detroit, Michigan for the largest Fourth of July show in the country is about to get underway. Theyl also meet the designers of the thirty-minute program, the Zambelli’s, the first family of fireworks. Seattle, Washington adds a unique Asian flavor to the typical July Fourth show with the help of Japan’s Master Kaze, a respected veteran in the world of pyrotechnicians. And Australia’s Foti Family, who have been making fireworks for more than three centuries, allow our cameras to join them in Belgium for the country’s biggest summer celebration. And lastly we’ll join an eccentric troupe of clowns and acrobats for a front row seat to Cirque de Flambe, the hottest show on earth! It features a dazzling array of fire stunts, including the crowd stopping performance of Pyro Boy!
For more information, visit: www.ctvtravel.ca/shows/?mode=1&id=88

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